Smart Move Wellness has one goal…

…to help you make space to be your most joyful and fulfilled self.

Over the course of our lives, we accumulate habits and stories to which we anchor ourselves. Then one day we realize we have accumulated aches, pains, poor mobility, fear of movement and an anxious mindset. If you ever asked yourself, “how did I get here?” you’ve come to the right place. Smart Move Wellness will coach you through unraveling that thread of dis-ease and accompany you on your way to a pain-free, connective, and joyful life.

Unravel the past to improve your future

Your journey since birth constructs your current self and for most of us that means injuries, repetitive activities, physical & emotional traumas, illnesses and other experiences that have all shaped our habits of movement and engagement with our environments. From chronic pain management to increased cognitive function, a healthy brain is the most important aspect of wellness and that is the purpose of Smart Move Wellness. Once the brain is at peak performance, your body will feel stronger, more mobile, more energetic and will support you in your life. When your body feels capable, you have emotional space to live the life you want. When you are living your ideal life, you can tune in to the soul for connection and guidance. Unravel the past to improve your future.

Smart Move Wellness is for your unique self. Starting from a healthy brain, wellness trickles down into all aspects of your life, giving you the freedom and energy to live your life.

Smart Move Wellness can help if you:

  • Suffer from chronic pain
  • Fear falling
  • Fear doing physical activities that used to be simple
  • Have poor balance or coordination
  • Keep feeling that “old injury”
  • Suffer chronic muscle tightness/inflexibility
  • Have painful or poor posture
  • Want to feel more physically capable and confident

Ready to unlock and restore?

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I had a profound, life-changing (seriously), experience with at my appointment with Kiera last Friday. She helped restore confidence… and taught me a lot about why I move like I do. Our session was truly eye-opening—in so many ways. I learned that we (most people) hold memories of our trauma in our body—and that we do that in ways I hadn’t realized—ways that affect our eyes, how we scan the environment, or avoid our environment. All that translates into our posture. Working with Kiera restored confidence, and flexibility. Kiera pointed out where I was “stuck” by simply watching me walk across the room. She pointed the stuckness out to me, and had me do some limbering moves. When I walked again, it felt different, freer. And Kiera could see the difference, too. I recommend to everyone to visit Kiera. And even if you don’t think you have had any trauma or any problems with posture or gait, go visit her. Learn from her. Have an assessment, and an eye-opening experience for yourself. You won’t think of your eyes and posture in the same way, again. Thank you Kiera!

Anna Z.

Smart Move Wellness is a God send for me. I had a liver transplant a little more than a year ago. This type of sugery has a lenthy recovery time and you are at great risk for a hernia, as well as, other complications for the better part of a year. I started doing Restoritive Yoga with Kiera Lucich, (Smart Move Wellness founder,) a few months ago as soon as they lifted my activity restrictions and the results have been phenominal. My balance and stamina improved immediately as well as my flexablility. I see amazing progress with each session. She intuits exactly the right things to do each week. She is amazing. Thirteen months ago I had the biggest operation a person can have and now I am playing some of the best golf of my life and I feel great. My doctors are very happy with how well I am doing too. Thank you so much Smart Move Wellness.

Jack F.