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Working with un-you

Trying to work with un-me is like asking a tree what it wants for lunch. There’s some life present but all you get are false persuasions from the wind that lead this way and that. Where does un-me come from? I don’t want to know. Here’s my process of finding me again.

As thoughts pass quicker than the leaves tumble, make a list of what seems important. Get this: it doesn’t actually matter if you do the things on your list. Just begin to clarify your thoughts so you may remember who you are.

Tune to sacred sound to revitalize your inner connectivity. Being out of body is one of the worst ways to feel un-you.

Stop, drop and breathe. Lay down. Put your hands on your Manipuri or solar plexus chakra. Yes, yours. Put your hands on your body. Slowly rock your eyes from side to side. What do you hear? What do you smell? Focus on rocking your eyes so the past and future can’t budge their way in. Be here now.

If you have any other tips to working with and through un-you, please share them below.




Headshot2Kiera Lucich is a neural integration specialist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s the owner of Smart Move Wellness, a brain-based wellness company dedicated to educating and training people to heal chronic and trauma-associated pain. For more information visit smartmovewellness.com.


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