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Bodhi Yoga 200-hour YTT Reflections

Beginning my Bodhi Yoga journey, I was confused by the format of using storytelling to teach. My past experience in dance had always been taught step-by-step and only when you are awarded the opportunity to teach, may you teach. As far as creating content goes, good luck to you! Needless to stay I was used to learning by grit, honest feedback and then eventually adding personality. Bodhi was a completely different journey. At first I didn’t resonate with this idea of storytelling though. I thought I needed to be told yes or no, this way or that, like this but not like that.

My first experience in the accelerated 200 hour yoga teacher training left me with 7000 questions and yet, a starting point. And for that I say, thank you so much. That is what I needed. I needed, or need, to dig through, wade through, climb over, swim through and immerse myself in my yoga. My yoga is different than Bodhi Yoga but it is beginning to share roots in curiosity. In short Bodhi Yoga has taught me yoga from the foundation of seeking pleasure, curiosity and a thirst for living in my own yoga.

Thank you, Syl!

Bodhi Yoga




Headshot2Kiera Lucich is a neural integration specialist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s the owner of Smart Move Wellness, a brain-based wellness company dedicated to educating and training people to heal chronic and trauma-associated pain. For more information visit smartmovewellness.com.


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