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Dear pain… a breakup letter

Dear pain,

You only exist in my farthest thoughts now. Actually, you only ever existed in my thoughts anyway! So why do I spend so much time thinking about you and all of the horrible things you have put me through? The other day I witnessed someone kicking pain out the door, throwing all its belongings like stress, immobility and worry out to the curb. How did he do it? He stared a pencil tip. That’s right, he stared a damn pencil tip and his pain was GONE. Hear me? His pain left as quickly as it came.

Do you know what this means? This means that your days of wreaking havoc on my sympathetic nervous system are done. This means that I am liberated from your paralyzing actions AND reactions. This means that unless I run into you in public by breaking a bone or dislocating something, you probably won’t ever really have to be a part of my daily life again. EVER again.

This means that my years of proprioceptive training and teaching kinesthetic awareness have paid off. So many of my friends complain of their aches and pains and I never knew what they meant until we finally met. Do you remember that day on the ski hill? You swept me off my feet and we spent the next year and a half together. You were by my side throughout all of my most stressful days and it wasn’t until I ran out of excuses that I realized that YOU were the cause of my stress. All along you brought fear, immobility and lethargy to my life. How was I so blind!?

Well, not anymore. I’ve found restorative partner yoga and ZHealth and they did just that. Restore me. Bring me health. My foggy head, so full of you, dissipated long enough for me to see that I haven’t needed you in months. I haven’t needed you and you knew that! Brain, you knew that!!!

Anyway, I’m done. My marma points and sen lines keep me in line now and mark my words, I will not come running back to you. Even in moments of fear, stress and minor injury. I will not resort to using you, pain.

Please, it’s you, not me, so please, I beg you, think twice before adopting a new host. You really are a bitch to rid of entirely.

Never yours,

Smart Move
Bodhi Yoga




Headshot2Kiera Lucich is a neural integration specialist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s the owner of Smart Move Wellness, a brain-based wellness company dedicated to educating and training people to heal chronic and trauma-associated pain. For more information visit smartmovewellness.com.


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