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Restorative Partner Yoga

Take a deep breath. Your Prana flows like a wide, deep river. The Prana, the under current, moves with a relentless strength, the momentous force of life feeding itself. The body tissue, the surface water, moves smoothly, held by gravity, achieving homeostasis.

Take a deep breath. Feel the river flowing, steady, wide, deep, continuous, rejuvenating.

A large tree root becomes wedged on a rock below the surface, changing the under current to a tumultuous spiraling of energy. From above you see only a swirl, a tiny blemish of movement, almost imperceptible from the surface.

The pull of the tumultuous spiral shifts a large rock, just below the tree root. Obstructed again, the spiral now thrashes upon the rock with enough force to break the undercurrent. Prana is obstructed, moving against the current, thrashing upon the surrounding tissues, quickly eroding that which used to hold its flow. Rapids have begun to break the surface tension, dissolving homeostasis.

As time passes, rocks and trees have built a new foundation in which the water flows. An obstruction so dense and jagged Prana runs up river, holding together for a moment, only to break, and become lost in the surrounding chaos. The rapids have grown to thick, high walls, ready to dismantle all that crosses its path.

Eventually a dam has formed, Prana is pooled, only allowing a trickle of water past its gates of tension. The surface is no longer flourishing with steady movement, but littered with debris and a certain grayness only stagnancy brings.

The practice of restorative partner yoga relieves dense physical and energetic dams to help your Prana move properly. We are filled with blockages that must be addressed both energetically and physically. Physical symptoms are just that, symptoms of a deeper problem that rests in your energetic brain-body.

During a restorative partner yoga session you will move and be moved according to traditional restorative yoga asanas (postures) while resting on comfortable mats. Marma points are gentle pressed or called upon to increase organ strength. Combining passive movement, active movement, Marma points, and breath while laying or sitting, the energetic brain-body is able to re-pattern for optimal wellness.

Like most yoga classes, there a deep savasana to close the session and that time is crucial. You will reach meditative states that strengthen the repatterning process. Restorative partner yoga is a phenomenal way to reset, renew, rebalance, reground, and revisit your true self. More information on RPY is available at Bodhi Yoga.

Headshot2Kiera Lucich is a neural integration specialist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s the owner of Smart Move Wellness, a brain-based wellness company dedicated to educating and training people to heal chronic and trauma-associated pain. For more information visit


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