About Kiera Lucich

Kiera Lucich is a mover, shaker and life enthusiast committed to helping people feel GREAT!

Raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, Kiera has always been a creative mover. Her first exposure to movement was Arizona Angels, a dance studio that promoted health & wellness, camaraderie and leadership through dancing and performing. Kiera couldn’t get enough and soon found herself dancing, teaching, performing and loving every minute of it. Whether moving for expression, aerobic exercises or performing, dancing was her way of interacting with the world. Throughout college, Kiera was drawn to teaching specific populations. This interest in specificity opened her true passion for teaching others how to move with both expression and kinesthetic awareness.

After college Kiera sought both a yoga and restorative partner yoga certification through Bodhi Yoga in Provo, Utah and continued to teach dance, yoga and self-care through movement to high school students. Two years later, Kiera was introduced to Z Health Performance Solutions and immediately saw its potential and value for the greater Salt Lake area. In 2017 Kiera transitioned to be Salt Lake City’s premiere neural rehabilitation and integration specialist. Aside from activating brains and promoting self-compassion, Kiera lives with her husband, Stephen, and cat, Hemi, in Salt Lake City, Utah.