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Finishing 200 hours of YTT

200 hours seems like an absurd amount of time, doesn't it? In reality it takes 200 hours plus a lifetime to follow the journey of yoga. As I look through my Bodhi yoga manual, it strikes me just how much Yoga has become THE thread of my life. It is what holds me together. My interactions,… Continue reading Finishing 200 hours of YTT

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“It’s sort of like philosophy.”

Said a student of mine last night during study hall. My teens have a weekly assignment to reflect on one of the yamas or niyamas and how it manifested throughout their week. This particular student hadn't turned in one assignment which makes you figure they are just NOT interested in seeking more depth. I'm so… Continue reading “It’s sort of like philosophy.”

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Around the Block | Connecting internal and external awareness (part 1)

What good is a compass if you don't know what North, East, South and West mean? Conversely, why have North, East, South and West if there's no map to orient to them. Teaching movement based practices like and dance, yoga and traditional exercise, it's clear to me that without internal and external awareness, we are… Continue reading Around the Block | Connecting internal and external awareness (part 1)