Guided Meditation | Making Space for your Soul to Speak

We lose connection with our souls when we have too many things attached to our attention. Every idea wondered, sight seen, word heard, line read and itch scratched demands our attention throughout the day. It is only within ourselves that our soul can be heard. Like a river that widens over time, here is a… Continue reading Guided Meditation | Making Space for your Soul to Speak


Service Spotlight: Vestibular Rehabilitation

Your vestibular system is a tiny, little known, and extremely important structure in your skull. It’s a labyrinthine structure within each inner ear that acts as both a level and accelerometer. Three canals function on an X, Y, Z axis and 2 bulbous otoliths compose the core of it. Together these structures sense every type… Continue reading Service Spotlight: Vestibular Rehabilitation


NeuroFlow | New Class Alert!

NeuroFlow combines classic yoga postures and modern neuroscience to deliver a class that strengthens, stretches, rehabilitates to help make you feel AMAZING. NeuroFlow is the perfect class for people who want to move but find Western yoga a little too intense. Yoga asana, or postures, are held for multiple breaths and incorporate specific movements that… Continue reading NeuroFlow | New Class Alert!

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Smart Move Wellness | Move well. Feel better. Be joy!

How you feel about the world depends on how safe you feel in the world. If we don't feel safe, we live in anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, manipulative tendencies, etc. If we don't feel safe, we also slump our posture, suffer digestive issues, rashes, chronic pain, and migraines. Safety, from the Smart Move Wellness perspective,… Continue reading Smart Move Wellness | Move well. Feel better. Be joy!