Fall Prevention

Falling may seem like an inevitable part of aging, but it is actually preventable and an easy skill to learn. You CAN prevent falls!

Smart Move Wellness offers premium seminars, workshops and ongoing classes that target the main indicators of falls. Combining both education and simple exercises, these classes provide seniors access to a new wave of health through movement.


Neuroscience is a fast growing field that came a little too late for older generations. Research across the board agrees that balance is comprised of three sensory systems: the visual, vestibular and proprioceptive systems. Seniors commonly suffer from poor vision, hearing and a sedentary lifestyle which dampens those integral balance systems. Luckily, brains are plastic, meaning you can teach an old dog new tricks! Seniors benefit tremendously from sensory integration training because their brains are hungry for activation and information. Aches, pains, and fears of falling can be rehabilitated into smiles and active living. Smart Move Wellness classes are founded on education, rehabilitation and gentle activation to give seniors the tools to live a brighter life of less falls.


It may be hard to believe but simple movement of the head, in coordination with the eyes gives the balance system a healthy reboot. Combine that reboot with basic strengthening and mobility exercises, and seniors begin feeling confident moving through the world. The more active seniors remain, the less prone they are to falling. Smart Move Wellness has compiled exercises based on applied neuroscience to create a powerful curriculum for preventing falls.

Other topics covered

  • Medications and their affect on balance
  • How footwear affects balance
  • Importance of vision and hearing examinations
  • How past injuries may cause falls
  • How to get down and up off the floor
  • 5 best lifestyle changes for fall prevention

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90 minute seminar – $100

Four 60 minute workshop classes – $250

Monthly class series – $50/class