Vestibular Rehabilitation

Balanced brain, balanced body

Why do you know which way is up? How do you know if you’re falling? Does watching people swing or cartwheel make you dizzy? You can thank your vestibular system for that.

The vestibular system, commonly known as your inner ear is in charge of keeping you upright, knowing which way you’re going and adjusting your body if you are accidentally not upright. The ways in which our vestibular system begin to cause problems is after head injuries including car accidents or hitting your head on something, and lack of activation (read: not using it enough). Vestibular issues often present as disorientation, vertigo symptoms, nausea, dizzy, anger, panic, vomiting. Yeah, not good.

Luckily, the vestibular system is simple to rehabilitate but needs very specific coaching. If you suffer from any of the above presentations or simply want better balance, email to schedule a consultation or follow along with the video below to see if you may have some specific sensitivities… then click here to schedule a consultation.