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Your Past is Your Path

(Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash) We are a goals-based, forward-moving, high-achieving species. Period. From technology to science to humanitarian efforts we are constantly pushing forward in pursuit of positive growth. On a personal level we set fitness, family, and financial goals and generally invest in personal growth. We are well on our way to… Continue reading Your Past is Your Path

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Restorative Partner Yoga

Take a deep breath. Your Prana flows like a wide, deep river. The Prana, the under current, moves with a relentless strength, the momentous force of life feeding itself. The body tissue, the surface water, moves smoothly, held by gravity, achieving homeostasis. Take a deep breath. Feel the river flowing, steady, wide, deep, continuous, rejuvenating.… Continue reading Restorative Partner Yoga

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Kratu kratu, kratu | Purpose enlightenment, intelligence personified

When we learn a phrase from another language, or even random words from a language, we immediately input ourselves into the definition. Vinyasa for me triggers the sensation of inhaling from chaturanga dandasana to urdhva mukha svanasana; c'est la vie is my mom's way of saying, "deal with it, life's tough then you die"; and sayonara… Continue reading Kratu kratu, kratu | Purpose enlightenment, intelligence personified