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5 Tips for Finding the Right Yoga Teacher for YOU

From exercise to lifestyle to philosophy, yoga is a dense umbrella of information. Ask most people and they'll say, "I LOVE yoga." Cool. But what does that really entail? Finding a great yoga class for yourself can be as hard as finding the perfect pair of jeans. Here are a few things to look for… Continue reading 5 Tips for Finding the Right Yoga Teacher for YOU

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Reduce plastics, reduce guilt

Every time I toss away a piece of plastic, I have a pang of guilt. This haunting voice comes into my head saying, "That cup will outlast the next 5 generations of your family on this Earth." Yikes! I know, that sounds dramatic but it's totally true! Check this out: It's time to start being… Continue reading Reduce plastics, reduce guilt

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First day jitters

**this is a repost from June 30, 2015** Today I taught my first BodhiFlow class. This felt new compared to the classes I once taught. It felt more prescribed but at the same time much less stressful because the sequence is already there. The feelings of anxiety surrounding my ego as a teacher was lost… Continue reading First day jitters