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Restorative Partner Yoga

Take a deep breath. Your Prana flows like a wide, deep river. The Prana, the under current, moves with a relentless strength, the momentous force of life feeding itself. The body tissue, the surface water, moves smoothly, held by gravity, achieving homeostasis. Take a deep breath. Feel the river flowing, steady, wide, deep, continuous, rejuvenating.… Continue reading Restorative Partner Yoga

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Recipe for Burn Out

I'm going to spare you the anecdotal crap you normally have to dig through upon finding recipes online. No one cares how your Aunt's toe surgery is related to your pumpkin spice (GF) muffins. So here it is! 3 lines of text later. Your best-of-Pinterest, ultimate recipe for burn out. Any substitutions or recipe additions… Continue reading Recipe for Burn Out

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Combating feelings of low self worth

We all have 1 or 363 days a year where we feel like we're not doing enough. We're not waking up early enough, we're not giving our families enough affection, we're not putting in the extra effort to fulfill the potential we have, we're spending too much time on Facebook... the efforts we put in… Continue reading Combating feelings of low self worth