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5 Tips for Finding the Right Yoga Teacher for YOU

From exercise to lifestyle to philosophy, yoga is a dense umbrella of information. Ask most people and they'll say, "I LOVE yoga." Cool. But what does that really entail? Finding a great yoga class for yourself can be as hard as finding the perfect pair of jeans. Here are a few things to look for… Continue reading 5 Tips for Finding the Right Yoga Teacher for YOU

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Restorative Partner Yoga

Take a deep breath. Your Prana flows like a wide, deep river. The Prana, the under current, moves with a relentless strength, the momentous force of life feeding itself. The body tissue, the surface water, moves smoothly, held by gravity, achieving homeostasis. Take a deep breath. Feel the river flowing, steady, wide, deep, continuous, rejuvenating.… Continue reading Restorative Partner Yoga

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Yoga back bends–help!

Unless your spine is abnormal, your vertebrae can structurally extend (bend backward) 135 degrees and flex (bend forward) 145 degrees from S1 (sacrum) to C1 (cervical). Muscularly, it's probably not quite there but here are some thoughts, cues and info to help you increase back flexibility and strength without compromising muscular support. Note: if you… Continue reading Yoga back bends–help!

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First day jitters

**this is a repost from June 30, 2015** Today I taught my first BodhiFlow class. This felt new compared to the classes I once taught. It felt more prescribed but at the same time much less stressful because the sequence is already there. The feelings of anxiety surrounding my ego as a teacher was lost… Continue reading First day jitters