The Smart Move Difference

Think back to a wellness program you’ve tried… There’s hype, celebrity endorsement, expensive equipment and most of the time the hype is better than the product itself. If you do X, then Y will happen. At Smart Move Wellness, your experience is not a one size, fix all chocolate shake. True wellness a journey of curiosity, learning, grit, patience, self-care, failing and succeeding, and most of all, it’s an incredibly fulfilling journey that will grow with you.

What makes Smart Move unique is that I want to grow with you, too! Habit change is hard and requires connection, accountability and relevance in your life. The exercises, drills and habits I will help teach you to adopt are specific to you and only you. Your brain is unique. It requires individualized assessment and training.

By far the largest hurdle in understanding the efficacy of Smart Move Wellness comes from limited perceptions of neurological function (click here to learn more about that). The brain is a master at compensating for poor movement habits but those compensations are inextricably linked to your aches and pains. It’s often frustrating or even offensive to be told that your brain isn’t working so well or that your eyes function poorly but if you want to get better, those are the truths we need to face. In order to repattern bad habits, we must know them intimately and without judgement.

Every inch of your past matters.

Every inch of your movement habits matter.

Every inch of your current mindset matters.

YOU are the single most important component to your Smart Move Wellness experience.

Throughout your time as a client with Smart Move Wellness, complimentary communication via text, call or email is available to you. I love your questions, I love your stories and I love when you feel better. Your wellness is my priority.

Move well!